Our division’s instructors introduce medical students and nurses in training to the skills required for clinical practice. Individual guidance is a matter of particular concern to the division.



Research-led teaching

Building on knowledge acquired in required modules XII and XIV, students are integrated into the routines of the division through required internships, rotations and the CPY and motivated to consolidate what they have learned and to generate new knowledge. The importance of the kidney as the main organ in the body that regulates homeostasis is also reflected in our interdisciplinary approach, which requires close collaboration with all subspecialties of internal medicine as well as the Division of General Surgery and the Division of Transplantation Surgery. Along with comprehensive medical knowledge, teamwork is also essential.

This is why our division values high-quality education and training for our future colleagues.


Postgraduate training

The wide range of professional development opportunities at the Medical University of Graz is directed at a variety of occupational groups in the fields of medicine, science and research, nursing and health services. Most of the professional development courses can be completed while the participant is regularly employed and provide him/her with a valuable additional qualification.